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WP Pro Real Estate 3 Responsive WordPress Theme

The map on the listing detail page doesn't display it just keeps spinning in WP Pro Real Estate 3, 4 or 5? Make sure you have all your address information filled out correctly.Listing Title: Street AddressCity, State & Zipcode: Taxonomies on the rightOrLat/Long

List my properties in order from the highest price to the lowest in WP Pro Real Estate 2, 3, 4 or 5 Problem:HiWhen you press the search from the home screen, the property are listed in the order the were added to the back office,I would like them to be in order of price from high to Lowhow is this setthanksOriginal posterSo ...

How do I change the Listings slug? NOTE: This doesn't apply to WP Pro Real Estate 7Really easy, go into admin > custom-posts.php > change line 36 to whatever you like.

Number Format in WP Pro Real Estate 3, 4 & Automotive Problem:I want to have the point instead the comma on the prices. Ex. 10.000 instead 10,000. Is that possible? Thanks.Original posterSolution:You'll need to modify > admin > theme-functions.php > lines 691-696, take ...

How do I add Agent Information? Go into your WordPress Admin > Users > User, fill out all the appropriate information > Save > and you're good to go!

The map on the homepage isn't loading it just keeps spinning in WP Pro Real Estate 3? Make sure you tag at least one listing with Featured under the Status taxonomy.Check that your Listings > Status > Featured tag -> slug is featured and not something like featured-2.