Please use the theme item comments or landing page chat for WP Pro Real Estate 7, support tickets on this site will no longer be answered until further notice.


WP Pro Real Estate 5 Responsive WordPress Theme

How do I add Agent Information? Go into your WordPress Admin > Users > User, fill out all the appropriate information > Save > and you're good to go!

Slideshow not Responsive in WP Pro Real Estate 5? This is just a setting option: Go to Real Estate 5 -> Homepage and set Slideshow Height to auto.

Number Format in WP Pro Real Estate 5 You’ll need to modify > admin > theme-functions.php > lines 660-665, take a look at:

List my properties in order from the highest price to the lowest in WP Pro Real Estate 2, 3, 4 or 5 Problem:HiWhen you press the search from the home screen, the property are listed in the order the were added to the back office,I would like them to be in order of price from high to Lowhow is this setthanksOriginal posterSo ...

How do I change the Listings slug? NOTE: This doesn't apply to WP Pro Real Estate 7Really easy, go into admin > custom-posts.php > change line 36 to whatever you like.

How do I add an extra status flag, in Real Estate 4, 5 or 6? NOTE: THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO REAL ESTATE 7, SEE THIS ARTICLE FOR RE7Go to admin/theme-functions.php and change ct_status function to be like that:function ct_status() { ?><?php if(has_status('reduced') || has_status('so ...

How can I enable zoom in and out on my listings maps in WP Pro Real Estate 5? Two options:1. Anyone can zoom in with a left click and zoom out the map with a right click on the mouse.2. If you want to show the control interface, go to js/mapping.js, look for disableDefaultUI and set it to <strong> ...