A simple guide to adding new search criteria in WP Pro Automotive 2

This is a very simple step by step guide to adding new search criteria, keep in mind this does require coding knowledge and is only recommended for advanced users.

  1. Add your new taxonomy in automotive-2 > admin > ct-custom-taxonomies.php
  2. Add the new taxonomy name in the array in automotive-2 > search-listings.php > lines 16-27 http://grab.by/FH5u
  3. Go into automotive-2 > advanced-search.php copy/paste and existing case/select change the names to your new taxonomy
  4. Go into automotive-2 > admin > functions > functions.options.php find lines 55-78 http://grab.by/FH5q add your new search field
  5. Go into WP Pro Automotive 2 Options > Options Reset then the new drag/drop module will appear in the Advanced Search Fields Layout Manager

On step 5 doing an Options Reset is the only way to get the new module to appear, unfortunately no way around this.

If you're not comfortable doing the modifications yourself I provide customization services, shoot me a detailed outline of what you'd like done and I'll provide a quote.