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Demo is taking forever to import or hangs in WP Pro Real Estate 7?

Solution 1

Now if the first solution didn't work, you'll need to contact your hosting provider and have them up your PHP memory limits in php.ini to at least 512MB and increase your max execution time Once they've done that go back to your site and run the importer and you should be good to go!

  1. Increase your max execution time, try 40000 I know its high but trust me
  2. Increase your PHP memory limit, try 512MB

Solution 2

If you're still having trouble or your hosting provider can't do this for you, I'd recommend moving to a better host like Mediatemple on their Grid Server I've used them for over 7 years, highly recommended. If you can't move hosts then you can use the standard WordPress importer and uncheck importing the attachments and you’ll be good to go. You can grab the XML from the links below. Its due to your server not being able to handle large image downloads so it times out, a known thing with cheaper shared hosting unfortunately.

Multi Demo

Vacation Demo

Manually Installing the Demo Content for Slower Servers

  1. Right Click this XML link > Save link as > To your desktop
  2. Right Click this WordPress Importer 2 Plugin > Save link as > To your desktop
  3. Go into your WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New
  4. Upload Plugin > Choose File > Browser for the Plugin you downloaded from the link above
  5. Install and Activate Plugin > Go to Tools > Import > scroll to WordPress (v2)
  6. Click Run Importer > Select File > Browse for the XML you downloaded from the link above
  7. Let it the file upload > then click Start Import (there's a lot of images to download so this process will take a little bit – just let it do its thing)
  8. Once its complete you'll want to go to Plugins > Add New > Search for Widget Importer Exporter (screenshot of said plugin)
  9. Run the plugin via Tools > Widget Importer Exporter
  10. Right Click this link >Save link as > To your desktop
  11. Click Choose File > Find the file you just saved > Import Widgets > Let it do its thing
  12. Go into Admin > Real Estate 7 Options > Import/Export > click Import from URL > copy/paste this link ( ) into the textarea > click Import > let it run > takes just a sec and then you'll see "Settings Imported"
  13. Now grab the uploads folder at
  14. Download & Save to your Desktop > Unzip to your computer
  15. Then use this plugin along with FTP to upload those images to your site
  16. Refresh your site you now should have all the images from the demo
  17. Then you're good to go, you'll now have the full demo content